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For more than 40 years, Warren Glick of U.S. Home Remodeling Corporation has proudly served the residents of Nassau County and other areas of Long Island and Queens. Providing quality renovation and remodeling services along with top-notch customer service and competitive prices, U.S. Home Remodeling are your expert partners for any of your renovation projects, including Kitchen, Bathroom, Roofing, Siding and all other areas of your property.

If you do not see the service that you are looking for, or the town in which you are located, please feel free to contact us.


Kitchen Remodeling – Baldwin
Kitchen Remodeling – Freeport
Kitchen Remodeling – Merrick
Kitchen Remodeling – Lynbrook
Kitchen Remodeling – Oceanside
Kitchen Remodeling – Hempstead
Kitchen Remodeling – East Rockaway
Kitchen Remodeling – Roosevelt
Kitchen Remodeling – Bellmore
Kitchen Remodeling – East Meadow
Bathroom Remodeling – Baldwin
Bathroom Remodeling – Freeport
Bathroom Remodeling – Merrick
Bathroom Remodeling – Lynbrook
Bathroom Remodeling – Oceanside
Bathroom Remodeling – Hempstead
Bathroom Remodeling – East Rockaway
Bathroom Remodeling – Roosevelt
Bathroom Remodeling – Bellmore
Bathroom Remodeling – East Meadow
Garage Renovations – Baldwin
Garage Renovations – Freeport
Garage Renovations – Merrick
Garage Renovations – Lynbrook
Garage Renovations – Oceanside
Garage Renovations – Hempstead
Garage Renovations – East Rockaway
Garage Renovations – Roosevelt
Garage Renovations – Bellmore
Garage Renovations – East Meadow
Attic Renovations – Baldwin
Attic Renovations – Freeport
Attic Renovations – Merrick
Attic Renovations – Lynbrook
Attic Renovations – Oceanside
Attic Renovations – Hempstead
Attic Renovations – East Rockaway
Attic Renovations – Roosevelt
Attic Renovations – Bellmore
Attic Renovations – East Meadow
Dormers – Baldwin
Dormers – Freeport
Dormers – Merrick
Dormers – Lynbrook
Dormers – Oceanside
Dormers – Hempstead
Dormers – East Rockaway
Dormers – Roosevelt
Dormers – Bellmore
Dormers – East Meadow
Extensions – Baldwin
Extensions – Freeport
Extensions – Merrick
Extensions – Lynbrook
Extensions – Oceanside
Extensions – Hempstead
Extensions – East Rockaway
Extensions – Roosevelt
Extensions – Bellmore
Extensions – East Meadow
Basement Remodeling – Baldwin
Basement Remodeling – Freeport
Basement Remodeling – Merrick
Basement Remodeling – Lynbrook
Basement Remodeling – Oceanside
Basement Remodeling – Hempstead
Basement Remodeling – East Rockaway
Basement Remodeling – Roosevelt
Basement Remodeling – Bellmore
Basement Remodeling – East Meadow
Siding – Baldwin
Siding – Freeport
Siding – Merrick
Siding – Lynbrook
Siding – Oceanside
Siding – Hempstead
Siding – East Rockaway
Siding – Roosevelt
Siding – Bellmore
Siding – East Meadow
Roofing – Baldwin
Roofing – Freeport
Roofing – Merrick
Roofing – Lynbrook
Roofing – Oceanside
Roofing – Hempstead
Roofing – East Rockaway
Roofing – Roosevelt
Roofing – Bellmore
Roofing – East Meadow


I used U.S. Home Remodeling when I was building a second floor addition master suite. They helped through the entire process from working with the architect to picking out tile for the new bathroom. They turned a 400 square feet space into a 900 square feet room with a master bath. The work was impeccable. The site was cleaned daily and the project beat the deadlines they had proposed. I would recommend them over and over again! In fact, they will be back at my house shortly to work on a bathroom renovation….

--Julie, Plainview, NY
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